About Us

The Vermont Men’s Shed commenced operation as part of the Vermont Uniting Church in 2013. Since that time the Vermont Men’s Shed has grown in members and in building size.

The Vermont Men’s Shed is designed to provide a safe place for men of all ages to come and share in the friendship of other men. We encourage Men to come and work on various projects together and to enjoy contact with others in a fun way.

A Men’s Shed is designed to provide men with a means of getting out of the isolation of being at home and into a safe place where they are accepted and can perform activities at any level of experience. The Vermont Men’s Shed caters for men of from all work experiences and at all skill levels. We have men who have been builders, tool makers, engineers, chemists, teachers, truck drivers, bus drivers, marketing and sales and many more occupations. Everyone has something to contribute and everyone’s opinion counts. We practice respect for each other as we work together.

The projects we work on can be for Community organization, schools, kindergartens, clubs and many more. You can even perform your own projects at the shed a have access to the men who come with a vast array of experience to help you get the results you want.

The Vermont Men’s Shed has equipment for Metalwork, Woodwork, Welding, Sheetmetal and even Gardening.

If you would like to find out more then come and visit us and we will be pleased to show you around.