Research in our school focuses on diseases associated with muscle and metabolism in humans. One group is looking at how small blood vessels in the muscle respond when sugar levels increase in the blood stream. Normally these vessels expand to improve sugar removal into muscle tissue but in type II diabetes this response is blunted or impaired.  To look in more detail at this process the team uses “Definity” brand microspheres which are tiny lipid bubbles created in a syringe by vigorous shaking; these bubbles are then infused into a persons blood stream. Once in the blood stream these bubbles can be seen using ultra sound equipment. The technical problem (solved by the “ELVIS Rocker” ) was to gently and consistently rock the infusion syringe in two dimensions during the infusion process to keep the lipid bubbles evenly suspended for (1-2 hours). Prior to ELVIS  Rocker this had to be done by hand. Thank you Vermont Men’s Shed for this custom build.
Andrew Howarth
Deakin University
Laboratory Manager